chillin w the bestie(((from a distance)))

chillin w the bestie(((from a distance)))

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I forgot to mention the most exciting/weirdest thing that has ever happened to me that happened today:

i’m 100% sure I was a ghost. I was driving home form dinner with my mom. We were basically 3 minutes away from my house and we passed this small family owned grave yard. I saw a women sitting by the grave with super white hair wearing a light blue shirt. I looked away then back super fast (basically a double take) and she was gone. There was nothing for her to hide behind or anywhere for her to go for me to not be able to see her. We pulled over and got out of the car to look at the grave. It was a wife and a husbands grave but the only the husband was dead. We took a picture of the grave and looked up the name when we got home (to see if the lady had died and maybe she wasn’t buried there or something) but nothing was found. I have no clue who the lady was but I am 100% sure that someone was by the grave.

Although it scared me, it was the coolest thing ever. I will never ever forget that and I hope her soul is at peace. 

if any of you are cat experts help me!!!

My kitten, Sailboat, has been living with me for almost 2 weeks. She is about 10 weeks old. Twice she has started breathing very heavy for a few seconds then stopping, and when I hold her she sometimes makes a sound like she is going to throw up.

Is this just her having a hairball that isn’t coming out or should I be more worried? I should be taking her to vet this coming week.

I hate summer reading so much because of the work that comes a long with it. Can’t I just read the book and that be it??????????????????????

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i’m gaining so much weight but im too sad about nothing to do something about it 

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whenever i’m feeling sad i watch ldr meeting for the first time videos and it makes me happy because they are so happy

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I keep telling myself that I should get up and exercise but kim k: hollywood has taken over my life

My EOS chap stick has turned into a toy for little Sailboat. 

im so incredibly tired. I’m tired of talking and thinking and trying. I wish my parents trusted me, I wish my siblings weren’t hundreds of miles away, I wish my relationship with boyfriend wasn’t so difficult right now. like punch me because that would feel better than how I feel right now. I know god has a plan and I know he won’t put me in things I can’t handle but dang. this sucks. my emotions suck and my heart is broken a bit. I need affection and love.

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I feel so empty and hurt for no reason. My heart has a strong feeling that something has happened. I don’t know how to deal with any of this so I’m laying on my floor crying.

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my heart feels so empty right now. 

help my cat hates me

is it normal for feral cats to be super angry?

I pet and held my 8 week old kitten for the first time today. When I pet her she purred and seemed happy so I got a towel and held her. She fought a little then calmed down. She ran off eventually and hid under my bed. When she came out from hiding I attempted to pet her again and she screamed! I was so scared! I held her once more then she ran off again. I’m leaving her alone for the rest of the night. I just don’t want her to hate me!!

i feel sad and all i want is sweet tea and for my cat to love me


i really want my kitten to love me but she is so scared of humans if anyone knows any way to get her to warm up to me please send me an ask!!!! PLEASE!!